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Answer to a Prayer

If you read my post “Major Setback” you will understand this post quite clearly. I had a bad day on Saturday because  I was very worried about the fact I had sold four copies of my book “Scar Wars Forged … Continue reading

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Major Setback

Major setbacks do happen and every since last Sunday in Sunday School I have been sliding headlong into a dark mental place inside me. Like the good and evil are having a fight and I’m just stunned wondering who will … Continue reading

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A Peek Into the Beginning Procedures In My Coaching Practice

Are you a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, experiencing any of the following PTSD-related interpersonal problems in your adult life? You struggle in social situations because you feel awkward and constantly on-guard around people—not only strangers—but even among family members … Continue reading

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The Deep of Darkness

This is a poem I felt compelled to write on a day I had forgotten to take my antidepressants for like the third time that week: The blackness has come again It writhes around my body as it blocks out the … Continue reading

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