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Answer to a Prayer

If you read my post “Major Setback” you will understand this post quite clearly. I had a bad day on Saturday because  I was very worried about the fact I had sold four copies of my book “Scar Wars Forged … Continue reading

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Major Setback

Major setbacks do happen and every since last Sunday in Sunday School I have been sliding headlong into a dark mental place inside me. Like the good and evil are having a fight and I’m just stunned wondering who will … Continue reading

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Just WHO Are YOU? Finding your Authentic Self!

Answer that question who are you? If you thought things like I am an engineer, a nurse, a police officer,  a mother or a Pastor, then you probably do not know your Authentic Self. Those answers are roles you act … Continue reading

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The Deep of Darkness

This is a poem I felt compelled to write on a day I had forgotten to take my antidepressants for like the third time that week: The blackness has come again It writhes around my body as it blocks out the … Continue reading

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Move to the Light, Move to the Light!

http://http://ellerslie.com/sermons/eric-ludy/9-2-12/a-cult-leaders-worst-nightmare Eric Ludy. He is a preacher that I love to watch on youtube. Today I watched his sermon “A Cult Leader’s Worse Nightmare”. This is totally about yourself as a Christian. I thought I would be learning about how to … Continue reading

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Where I Belong

You know something I am 48 years old and I am living a brand new life. It is like going from high school to College and then Graduating and beginning  the life that was meant for you to have. When … Continue reading

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The Holidays Are Here?

How can that possibly be? It was August and hot and now its the beginning of the second week of November and the low for tonight is 34 degrees! I do not remember summer. I know it was here because I … Continue reading

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In The Learning Stages

I have been seeking truths that lead to success. I watch webinars, podcasts, and have been doing  research on the most successful people in the world today. Today I was watching a telecast with a successful entrepreneur. He said one … Continue reading

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When Depress Kills_____National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273(TALK) 8255

I have probably been clinically depressed all my life. Maybe it is because when I was two I had an illness called Meningococcal Meningitis. It is an infection in the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. It is … Continue reading

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Back To My Future…

I went to the local college yesterday and applied for admission. If my transcripts from the college I went to when I was younger and the high school I graduated from get back to admissions before August 19 2015 I … Continue reading

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