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Answer to a Prayer

If you read my post “Major Setback” you will understand this post quite clearly. I had a bad day on Saturday because  I was very worried about the fact I had sold four copies of my book “Scar Wars Forged … Continue reading

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Major Setback

Major setbacks do happen and every since last Sunday in Sunday School I have been sliding headlong into a dark mental place inside me. Like the good and evil are having a fight and I’m just stunned wondering who will … Continue reading

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A Peek Into the Beginning Procedures In My Coaching Practice

Are you a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, experiencing any of the following PTSD-related interpersonal problems in your adult life? You struggle in social situations because you feel awkward and constantly on-guard around people—not only strangers—but even among family members … Continue reading

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Come Be Part Of a “Group Think Tank” About Problems Interacting Within Today’s Society

You do not have to have had PTSD to be held back by shyness, or feel an inadequacy to function in today’s society. Anyone who has ever had any type of social interaction problem,  I consider having  a valuable opinion to … Continue reading

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Ending The Year With The Good And The Bad

Well this comes from a hospital bed in the ER. Pain is tolerable and my stomach isn’t cramping anymore. They think it’s just my IBS acting up it is supposed to be brought on by stress. I do have some … Continue reading

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Yes It Is All Falling In Place!

Wow I have had a Major Wonderful Day. First thing this morning Richard Luck calls me on a conference call with Logan and Logan is going to teach me the business model of life coaching! You know we all three … Continue reading

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A Personal Experience With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have been sharing things about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the last few Posts and mainly these posts were based on my own experiences. I am sending out an invitation to anyone that wants to share an experience that … Continue reading

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