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A Winter Day Escapes! Want to Read a Book? Need a Certified Professional Coach?

Here in Northern Alabama¬†we woke up to 29 degrees! It was 77 degrees one day last week. The Spring Equinox did happen! But this winter day has come to challenge us once more. Maybe we were all too busy to … Continue reading

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Certified Professional Coach specializing in PTSD Social Integration

To read about my own Journey of how I healed from PTSD, read my recently released book “Scar Wars Forged In Fright” Available through Amazon Kindle, Barnes¬†& Noble and soon to other Brick and Mortar Stores.   Today I … Continue reading

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Ending The Year With The Good And The Bad

Well this comes from a hospital bed in the ER. Pain is tolerable and my stomach isn’t cramping anymore. They think it’s just my IBS acting up it is supposed to be brought on by stress. I do have some … Continue reading

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Life is Completely Exciting But there is No Exctement

I have nothing that would give me over to excitement, but I am so excited. God has been blessing me with His Word. And His blessings that are coming are so extreme I cannot help but be excited all the … Continue reading

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