Certified Professional Coach and Speaker- To Motivate and Inspire

                                                                     The Light

Are you lost? Physically, Mentally, Spiritually? I have been in my lifetime. It is a very scary place to be. I have been searching for my place in this world and I have found it. I became a Certified Professional Coach that is also an Inspirational Speaker.

The world seems  so dark. It seems so dark, and it has become dark and scary even in the sunlight. But never forget we have a light that goes with us wherever we go. It shines the light on the truth, even when it is a truth we do not want to see. Some people use this light everyday; clinging to it for comfort and assurance,  Some do not know of this light which is actually a sign of deterioration of the light bearers. You see in John 8:12 in the ESV It says: Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. WHOEVER FOLLOWS ME WILL NOT WALK IN DARKNESS, BUT WILL HAVE THE LIGHT OF LIFE.”
Yes the world is getting darker and as a child of Jesus Christ our lights should shine brighter against that darkness because that darkness does not belong with us it is not a part of God’s Kingdom, but we are.

Are you a Christian? Then may I remind you that you are a bearer of light? Do you remember the FLAME Jesus ignited in your very soul as He became your Savior?

Do not be afraid of this world it is not ours, it does not belong to us. That is why Jesus is a light unto our very feet.

Are you lost? Has your light been put under a basket? or in a cellar?

There is hope!

God knows about everwhere we have wandered. the places of light the places of darkness. and He loves us anyway. He catches each of our tears and puts them in a bottle and writes them in a book. Oh God will forgive our sins if we just as. He puts them into the Sea of Forgetfulness, but our sorrows? He writes them in a book and accounts for each tear and He always knows where you are

IF YOU ARE LOST CALL OUT TO JESUS. You will be found. You are His child and He knows where all His children are at all times.

Jesus gave us the LIGHT we need to be the light bearers in this world. Do someone an unplanned kindness. Help your neighbor. do ministry work. Call the home bound from your church just to check on them. Share your testimony and let Jesus give light to another child a new light bearer.

Christ’s Daughter
Julie Pitts

*For more information on Julie Pitts as an Inspirational Speaker or for a private coaching session call (863) 448-3355 to check for an available appointment.

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The Riches and Comfort of the House on Ed Wells Road

My HomeWe were a large family. Mom And Dad and then the six of us children. Because of that factor my mom planned out meals for the entire week, would make a shopping list and then go shopping for the exact items that would make sure she would have enough to feed six kids and two large hungry adults who had worked all day. My mother was amazing in her calculations. There was always enough cooked for our plates to have healthy sizes of vegetables and also a large piece of meat. Whether that was pork, beef, or chicken and on the holidays Turkey or Ham. We raised our own pork and beef to slaughter and package because they were so expensive in the store. We never did raise chickens and I was so glad of that because I hated the taste of fresh chicken and from being at a friends house when it was chicken eating time you had to go and wring your own chicken’s neck. It sort of made it inedible to me. The beef and pork were taken to the slaughter house and came back in nice little white paper packages marked “ground beef” “steak” or “pork chops” or their famous “pork sausage” of course there were lots of roasts, ribs, and other high ticket items we would never have ever been able to afford to buy in the store. We always felt rich when we had a freezer full of beef and pork. We also grew some vegetables corn, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, Green onions, and of course watermelons!

Those days were the days we felt rich. Compared to other children’s families we actually were rich. My parents always made sure we had enough food to eat and that was a chore when you had six children just a few years apart from one another coming with starving bellies to the table to be fed. That’s one thing I can say about the years we lived on Ed Wells Road we always seemed to have food. The places we lived before I can remember going hungry and having very little to eat. Both my parents were ravaged by alcoholism during that time period.  If it hadn’t been for my eldest sister making the simplest of dishes like pancakes or eggs or oatmeal and sometimes grits, I tremble to fear what would have happened. Our saving grace is we lived in the orange groves and during the season for citrus we could just go outside and get an orange, grapefruit, lemon, guava and any other citrus fruits that we could wander through the groves find to eat and if we liked them eat our fill. Our dad had a job as a grove maintenance worker and we were allowed to eat any and every fruit in the grove we lived in.

But when we moved to Ed Wells Road Mom would buy the extra foods such as sauces and pasta and vegetables we didn’t grow in the garden. To keep our supplies evened out and to make her job easier Mom had made a menu for the week. Wednesday nights were Spaghetti night. This was my favorite night. My favorite meal. We would have spaghetti and Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, we also had the bread toasted with garlic butter, salads, and fresh cut corn. Times at Ed Wells Road were definitely healthy for our bodies. Not so much for our minds. Alcoholism brings a lot of hurt and fear and always makes a wide hole of fear open up.

Mom got pregnant with the last of us six children in that house. There was a lot of terror we went through living in that house, but the good days during the work week made our family almost seem normal.

The old house was destroyed in a hurricane years after we moved out, it was the closest thing to a home I ever lived in.

The bad times there outweighed the good times while we lived there, but today I want to remember the good things. Besides the good things at that house on Ed Wells Road were good enough to get us through the bad times.

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Turned Out to be A Lobotomy

I went on a Sabbatical to have some treatments were done that were supposed to help me get over an overwhelming depression. I was convinced to do Electroconvulsive Treatments in a series of six. After the 5th one, I could no longer remember anything and I had an irrational fear of being in close proximity with Satan himself. I was supposed to have six treatments but because of their scheduling being helter skelter that morning I had a cup of coffee which them destroyed my chances at having the procedure. Really I was happy because since the 5th treatment on Wednesday morning I had had this irrational fear. I had not slept in two days by the time the day came for the 6th treatment. I was no longer thinking coherently either. This has lasted 8 more days and after doing some research I find that if the ECT is not done precisely and sometimes even if it is done precisely it can give a lobotomy effect to the patient. I have this effect. I no longer remember the education I started in November and ended in March. I had become a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Group Facilitator. In that time period, I also published my memoirs and was all set to go and start doing Author Appearances and book signings. I have contacted a malpractice attorney because halfway during my treatments my psychiatrist went on vacation and that is when the problems arose. Everyone keeps telling me to give it time. The procedures were supposed to lower the dosages of the meds I was taking. But my sleeping medication Ambien CR and Klonopin have had to be doubled and I am only getting four hours of sleep each night even with taking 25 mg of Ambien CR and 4 MG of Klonopin at bedtime. When I came home I was having pain in my right arm. Excruciating pain that a 7.5 Norco had no effect on so I went back to my Family Doctor and he found out from an MRI done right before starting the treatments that my cervical spine was so severely damagedI should never have been a candidate for ECT. Now In less than a week I go to a surgeon to see what they can fix in my cervical spine. All I wanted was for the depression to go away. Now I still have depression, injured the cervical spine, irrational fears, a major loss of memory and excruciating  pain!

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Due to an unforeseen illness I will be taking a short break from posting any new posts. I will be travelling to receive treatments and will not be able to post.

Sincere Regards,


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Answer to a Prayer

If you read my post “Major Setback” you will understand this post quite clearly. I had a bad day on Saturday because  I was very worried about the fact I had sold four copies of my book “Scar Wars Forged In Fright” to four of my elder women friends at church Wednesday night.

“Scar Wars Forged In Fright” is about how I lived with, dealt with, and recovered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The causes of the PTSD are also in the book in vivid detail. I was afraid I might offend the ladies in some way and that old monster “shame” rose up inside me. I realized they would be reading in vivid detail the shameful things that had happened to me as a child. I also talk in the book about learning I had nothing to be ashamed about, but as I described it before shame is a monster.

All my life I remembered being ashamed. Not having the proper clothes or shoes to go to school, not having enough money for lunch, I had buck teeth and I sucked my thumb until the age of twelve and wet the bed until I was thirteen. All the while I was being physically, mentally and sexually abused.

I healed from that trauma in my mid-twenties and although a bubble of grief rises from the causes of PTSD  every now and then I have always been able to use the tools and techniques I garnered through therapy to incinerate those thoughts and feelings before they ever bothered me.

But these were the elder women of the church. How might they perceive me after reading the horrors of my life?

On Friday right after therapy, that uneducated person I was before therapy for PTSD just happened to come out. and thrust me in a very dangerous position. Thankfully for me God is truly my protector and I came out unharmed but still feeling awful that the old behavior had returned. I knew it was just a defense mechanism trying to equalize my life again after the great upset, but I was so saddened that I had returned to an old behavior for comfort instead of going to God.

      When I thought about going to God it was Saturday afternoon. And I asked His forgiveness for putting myself in that situation and then I poured out my heart to Him and told him how I did not even want to go to my church Sunday because of the thoughts others might have of me and who had told who what about what they might have learned from the book. I asked God why hadn’t any of the ladies contacted me and said some comforting words or to say they understood me better now.

     I wanted someone to call and give me the confidence to walk back into the loving arms of my Church Family.  Then after being in prayer most of the day my cell phone rang and it was one of the ladies who had bought the book. She told me that she also had gone through a period of abuse in her life and because of the era she grew up in, it was completely silenced.

      She said when she read my book and it was very empowering for her to read and what a strong person I was. She could not believe the strength I had not only to travel all over the world having this disorder but to finally make it to a place where I found healing. She said the book was beautiful in that it showed we can overcome any adversity and turn out to be kind and gentle and have a heart for others that went through this or were going through this now. She told me no one in her life ever knew except her parents, she had never shared her own story with anyone, but she knew she could share her story with me because she felt I would understand.

     I was greatly honored. God had just literally laid in my lap the proof of what reading the book could do for other people. I felt justified in writing the book and that I had nothing to be ashamed of and never did. Her sweet voice on the phone created a unique bond between us and now I have a friend in her closer than with anyone else in the church.. God had used that book that he poured through me four years ago to help a friend heal from a trauma that happened over 60 years ago.

Sunday, I went to church not even thinking about the book. I just got up Sunday morning put on an outfit grabbed my bible and the pen and pad of paper I use to take notes with and marched right down front and sat with the Preacher’s wife as usual. We had a wonderful sermon to listen to, it just happened to be how we need to be real and help others with our genuine selves.

     On Friday after therapy, I felt so far away from God I could not even feel him inside me, just this numbness. But Saturday afternoon I told myself all you have to do is open your heart back up to God and he will heal this hurt, this damaged part of you and He did in the simplicity of a phone call.

Call someone today and thank them for the help they have given you in your life. Maybe that is exactly what they need to hear at this very minute to give them the strength and courage to go on.


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Major Setback

Major setbacks do happen and every since last Sunday in Sunday School I have been sliding headlong into a dark mental place inside me. Like the good and evil are having a fight and I’m just stunned wondering who will win? Two major distinct pieces of my personality are at war with each other.  The true good and evil fight. They say the good can be represented by a white dog and the evil is a black dog and the story goes whichever dog you feed will triumph. But I hurriedly feed each one just enough to allow it to survive but not to triumph one over the other. It’s because of my book “Scar Wars Forged In Fright” you see I asked for prayer for my first speaking engagement on the book and the causes and help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My church family did not know that I had written and that I had a publisher who finally released it in early March. They bombarded me with questions after class and I repeatedly told them that this book was about mental, physical, and sexual abuse and it was very hard to read because of the content but they insisted to know where they could get it, so I told them the places I knew had it and that was Amazon.com, Amazon Kindle, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble. And I figured that was that, but my heart took a nose dive. Then On Monday one of these elder women of the church called and asked did I have any copies and I said yes and she asked to buy one and I heard myself say yes, and on Wednesday night I had the book to give her but the transaction took place in front of everyone as we were getting seated for church. I sold four copies that night. All to women that I admire. I know these people love me but, the thought of them knowing about the darkest days of my life kind of blew a fuse in my head. I saw my therapist yesterday and we talked a little about it and the cause and effect Post Traumatic Stress Disorder had on me and to some degrees still has on me. I left her office feeling really good and uplifted but then depression just overwhelmed me.  It is the shame that gets to me. I know I have NOTHING to be ashamed about, but I still feel shame. The abusers want you to feel that way because it is another way they get you not to tell. You do not want people to know that this horrible thing happened because you don’t want to be different.The Truth is You are FOREVER different. So Sunday I will go to church and that little girl inside me will wonder what they think about the person I am. Who I am is not based on that abused child. But there is a great fight inside me and at this moment do not know how to stop it. Right now,  I am just trying to keep my life at an even keel.

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Just WHO Are YOU? Finding your Authentic Self!

Answer that question who are you? If you thought things like I am an engineer, a nurse, a police officer,  a mother or a Pastor, then you probably do not know your Authentic Self. Those answers are roles you act out they do not make YOU who YOU are. Their benefits can certainly aid in finding your Authentic Self.

You were created with certain qualities to perform a specific purpose to help all of mankind. Yes, truly you were! So you might be thinking that “Astronauts that walked on the moon contribute to all mankind, but me? No, I do not think  so”. But you were. Your Authentic self-was created to further the purpose of mankind.

Sit quietly for a few moments. Listen to the conversation in your mind. How many negative voices do you hear? How many say you are just an everyday person”? How many belittle you? How many come down hard on you and make your self-worth and self-esteem drop low? Be honest here. Of course, you will hear other voices say” no but you did this great thing and you helped in this area.” But even that, is not your Authentic Self.

You are born as an authentic person. You have been equipped with everything you need to fulfill your purpose in life. But the noise of the world creeps in every minute of the day. You are told no you  can’t do this or that, so many times that your Authentic self starts to believe that “No, you can’t do that.” But is truly a lie because within you is still your Authentic Self already equipped to benefit mankind in some way. Your mission might just be smiling at the right person at the right time. That’s it and you must be thinking but how can that help mankind? Because of the passing on of compassion and smiling to warm someone’s day will keep going forward until it reaches the person that your beginning smile was intended to reach.

But you say why would one smile matter? Because your smile can turn into another emotion in the person receiving it. That person may feel the human connection and it may help them to find an act of kindness to share the emotions that your smile encouraged inside of them. That good deed makes another ripple and then one day it reaches the person it was truly intended for. But by  the time they get that smile you gave freely it has been touched by other emotions, happiness, joy, hope, gratitude and maybe because of you, that smile becomes someone’s lifelong accomplishment. Just a smile to the right person at the right time can accomplish all of that. It would change mankind.

You achieved the mission of your Authentic Self without even knowing it. Knowing this, you might smile more often at passersby. But there are different missions for each person. For their own Authentic Self has a purpose to help mankind. Can you imagine if everyone was able to connect to their Authentic self and actually complete the mission they were equipped to do? We would have a much better world.

To find your Authentic Self you can take different routes, prayers, meditation, yoga and education are popular ways of connecting with your Authentic Self, It is the diving in to seek your own Authentic Self and there are many different pathways because each one of us is different. You will know when you are close to your Authentic Self because there is a Peace and Unity there.

The Authentic Self is actually Illuminated. Shining bright within us at birth. But the Darkness of the world usurps that Light by all the negativity and hopelessness that is just driven into us from the world. Until you seek to reveal that Illumination, you will not know the true path for your life.

Sit down. Get quiet. Let your mind say all it has to say as you look within and find your Authentic self. Can You do that in one moment? Maybe if you are at a time when it is critical for your Authentic Self’s purpose to give its gift to mankind. But it may take longer, even years. Depending how much Darkness of the World that has been layered over the Authentic Self. How willing you are to face each layer as it is peeled off? Knowing that these layers are the Darkness of the World that came in to extinguish your Illumination so you cannot complete your purpose. Sometimes the layers will be thick and heavy and there may be tears. But keep in your mind you were given a purpose to be born and have your own gift to give mankind.

You can also choose for that light not to ever be seen.  Many People through the ages chose the layers of darkness upon their light and even directly layered the darkness within them.  Even they were born with a purpose to help mankind, but because they allowed the layers of Darkness to build heavier, deeper, thicker layers. because of their decision to bury the Illumination inside them they came to want to destroy mankind. That is what happens when you pile layers and layers of Darkness on your Authentic Self.

Truly most people work at peeling back the layers and a good part find their own Authentic self. When you do find your Authentic self you may not know it but your gift to mankind is released. Seek out Authentic people. Recently I met a woman and when I met her I knew instantly she was her Authentic Self. Everyone around her felt her Illumination. She, herself, is a gift to mankind.

I have found my  Authentic Self. I am a very kind, loving, and generous person who is here to aid those in need of rest for their Souls. The world is so harsh on people. I believe my mission is to give them a resting spot full of love and helpfulness, kindness, hope. and a time of safety.


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