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Move to the Light, Move to the Light!

http://http://ellerslie.com/sermons/eric-ludy/9-2-12/a-cult-leaders-worst-nightmare Eric Ludy. He is a preacher that I love to watch on youtube. Today I watched his sermon “A Cult Leader’s Worse Nightmare”. This is totally about yourself as a Christian. I thought I would be learning about how to … Continue reading

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Ending The Year With The Good And The Bad

Well this comes from a hospital bed in the ER. Pain is tolerable and my stomach isn’t cramping anymore. They think it’s just my IBS acting up it is supposed to be brought on by stress. I do have some … Continue reading

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When You See Big Tears Coming Down Your Child’s Cheeks

This is actually a parents worse nightmare for your child to be hurting. But it all started so suddenly… I texted my daughter about what time I should come pick her up from cheer practice she texted back 5:00 pm. … Continue reading

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Remember This is a Journey of Healing

Bad days come. I have not had bad days in so long that I am amazed at how many good days I have had. But today is one bad day. My medications for my mental health disorders were working just … Continue reading

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