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Move to the Light, Move to the Light!

http://http://ellerslie.com/sermons/eric-ludy/9-2-12/a-cult-leaders-worst-nightmare Eric Ludy. He is a preacher that I love to watch on youtube. Today I watched his sermon “A Cult Leader’s Worse Nightmare”. This is totally about yourself as a Christian. I thought I would be learning about how to … Continue reading

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Okay A Weird Thing Happened So Who Knows What?

I have talked repeatedly about my book “Scar Wars Forged In Fright” that is due to be released January 3, 2015,  the book talks about me having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that it was caused by severe mental, physical, … Continue reading

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Out of the Cocoon

Wow! I have probably lost some followers due to my cocoon experience. I have really had to just allow myself to be wrapped up safely with God. I am at this very peculiar stage where I need to write another … Continue reading

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Grounding Techniques For Dealing With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I am in no way a therapist nor do I work in a Medical or Psychiatric field. I am a Survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and am sharing techniques that helped me in my own recovery.       … Continue reading

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