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Get started with Hootsuite Pro http://ow

Get started with Hootsuite Pro Depression is a major illness in “Scar Wars Forged In Fright” I deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in book two of the Scar Wars trilogy I talk about hoe Major Depressive Disorder starts … Continue reading

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New Tab I Have Published A Book On Amazon Kindle Direct

New Tab I have published a book on Kindle. “The Thinnest Loser Confessions Of An Unreformed Bulimic” is a tell all book about the eating disorder I have and the effect it has had on my life. It should … Continue reading

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“The Thinnest Loser-Confessions Of An Unreformed Bulimic”

?The Thinnest Loser-Confessions Of An Unreformed Bulimic” This is the title of the book that I just published on Kindle Direct Publishing. It is about how I have come to deal with the eating disorder Bulimia. This will be a … Continue reading

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Back To My Future…

I went to the local college yesterday and applied for admission. If my transcripts from the college I went to when I was younger and the high school I graduated from get back to admissions before August 19 2015 I … Continue reading

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An Eerie Calm

I recently had a comment that seemed to put into words a facet about my book. The comment was that the cover art seemed to portray “an eerie calm”. I really thought ┬áthe comment captured part of the essence of … Continue reading

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